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Each of the 16 directions in a building have a fixed working pattern to Achieve 16 goals in life by balancing these direction your body and mind work beyond your imagination

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Lord Vishnu's

Pair of raBBits

To explore your connections and resources for financial benefits of all, place a Village Scene in the West zone along with a pair of Rabbits in the zone of churning, i.e., East-South-East

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 Lord Laxmi's

Power of Infinity

He is considered to be the wealthiest symbol has the ability to translate your actions into riches and growth, helping you to achieve bliss and abundant wealth. If we raise any infinite number to infinity, it means that we are multiplying that finite number infinite times . That is equal to Infinity.

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White Elephant


Richness, Luxury, Wealth

The elephant figurine holds an important place in Hindu mythology and is often used in home décor, to symbolise power, integrity and strength. The elephant figure has its own importance, according to Feng Shui, as well as Vastu Shastra. People often include statues and paintings of elephants, to bring positivity to a home.

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