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Grants Longevity and Patience

“ Patience reflects inner wisdom. Just clean the zone of clarity of mind, i.e., North-East, and place a Pyramid there along with the Tortoise at the centre of your home. And, let the timeless inner beauty reflect.”

Made of Brass Size: (Length, Breadth & Height): 7in, 9in & 1.5in

Weight approx: 900 Grams


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The tortoise has been extensively used in the ancient times as a Vastu remedy.

More often than not, you will experience a sense of peace when you enter any of the ancient temples.

This is because a tortoise was placed in the centre of these places of worship. For success and benefits, place the tortoise in the West. For stability, patience and perseverance place this remedy in the centre of the building.

Place the tortoise on the floor with its face pointing towards North. The tortoise not only saves you from unnecessary activities and unsuccessful attempts but also gives you protection. Its use as a remedy ensures mental peace, and the good health and it shows you that path to continuous success. The tortoise enables you to overcome all types of adverse situations. It ensures that you do not lose heart or break under pressure in times of troubles.


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