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secrets of 45 Powers in just 9 Days
This is a online course of 9 days
starting from 13th sep 2020
We believe in the ancient principles and philosophy of classical vastu and our mission is to provide authentic knowledge of devta and vastu philosophy in non sectarian way.

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Are you curious? Curious to know how occult science works.
How a person is surrounded by energies and powers. What is energy and how it works .
A phenomenon which is something that is present in the universe and is directly or indirectly connected to us, but is hidden. Anyone can seek the knowledge and practice occult if is willing to learn because the general public are ignorant of what it is about – and do not bother to explore, even though they exist for all to see. So that the 45 devta mandala. Where we lives, where we works, everywhere where we go, We are surounded by them. Those 45 Devtas and Asuras, is here to help you – here to shape the dreams of you. So if you want to learn it, if you want to explore it and if you want to seek help from it, for a desired life, for a desired result and want to end the misery of your life, Vastuguruji here for you with an online course 45 Powers in Vastu Devta Mandala. Where you will learn everything.

The course is open for registration so enroll it now and end you curiosity. Be the change!


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